Moist and tender and other words that make me cringe.

Rosanna Leo

I think every writer has them, those words that make us want to lob a dictionary at the speaker of said words.

Let me get mine out of the way immediately so I don’t have to think about them again.

Moist. Oh, how I despise this word. I don’t know why. It’s a perfectly good word. It conveys information just as well as any other word. And yet something about the way the “o” squishes up against the “i” makes me want to grimace. Let’s say it together. “Moist.” Isn’t it awful? Sadly, in romance, this word comes in very handy. However, in life, I try never to use it. Blech.

Tender. Again, another word that works well in many situations. Nothing wrong with it and yet it makes the hairs on my arms stand on end. I don’t mind “tenderness” and use it often, but “tender” sets me on…

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$0.99 sale on The Selkie!

Rosanna Leo

To celebrate the release of Selkie’s Lure, Orkney Selkies 3, my publisher Liquid Silver Publishing has dropped the price on The Selkie, book 1 of the same series.


This is a fabulous time to try out a new paranormal romance series or to recommend one to a friend. The Selkie has always been one of my most beloved books and readers have fallen in love with hero Calan Kirk. Try him on for size and then visit with his brother Mackar and Edan!

Right now, the sale is valid at Liquid Silver Publishing and Amazon but look for it soon at other vendors.  The sale is expected to last until Feb. 10 only.

lsb_the-selkie_450x600Selkie's Revengehrselkieslure

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FREE Book Publicity Guide for Authors

Christa Wojciechowski


Hello all. A few months ago on Twitter, I posted a poll asking authors what their biggest challenge was in marketing their books. The most popular answer was “how to stand out from the crowd.”

As a self-published author who helps other indie authors, I know how difficult is is to be seen in heard in the swarm of books flooding the market today. Hiring a PR firm can cost thousands of dollars. That’s why I created this quick guide to help you plan publicity campaigns that will get you noticed.

Feel free to pass it along to all your author friends. I firmly believe there is an audience for every book. You just need to put yourself out there so they can find you!

Click here to download.


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The Whole Picture


August of 2014, I had the privilege of traveling to Nice, France. The circumstances had me sightseeing alone during the day, and I plunged in immediately.

The first day, I relied on GPS and my Rick Steves guidebook, but my phone battery died, and I stayed out an hour too long. After a negotiation at a crosswalk, a gentleman in a Mercedes exchanged pleasantries and asked where I was heading. After I told him, he offered a ride, and as I was hot and tired and unsure of my bearings, I accepted.

My hotel was straight down the main street, but I knew I was in trouble when he pulled on to the freeway. He molested me as he drove, but became frustrated when I was not more cooperative. Eventually, he pulled over, and after a struggle, I slipped out of my cardigan and escaped, miles from anywhere familiar.

I held it…

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Lessons My Mother Taught Me


My mother passed away on May 10 after a long and tenacious battle with lung cancer, another casualty of the tobacco industry. Here are a few of the key lessons she imparted…

  • Take risks. In 1957, my mother boarded a ship and came to the United States, with a few dollars in her pocketbook and a job as a housekeeper in Connecticut. She moved to New York City, shared a house with five other women, and quickly learned how to do accounting for small businesses. She was a feminist without even knowing what the word meant.Extended Family 025
  • Be open and non-judgmental. My father used to joke that my mother and I had “five questions,” and we would walk away from complete strangers knowing everything about them. We met people in hospital lobbies, restaurants, grocery stores, parking lots. We learned about marriages and divorces, illnesses, job losses, joys and the endless supply…

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Pitch Contests: why you should get picky

ML Keller- The Manuscript Shredder

Is an online pitch contest really worth your time?

Online pitch contests are huge right now. They generate a flurry of activity and excitement. Nothing is more gratifying to an aspiring novelist than the phone dinging with an “I want you,” at regular intervals. And they’re easy to enter. Most of them follow a similar format: 140 character pitch or a 35 word pitch/ first 250 for a blog, so once you have the basics you can just recycle the same material over and over for every contest. And there are so many of them. I counted six in January alone.


Because they are popular. Probably too popular. Anyone who was in last June’s #SFFpit or anything hosted by Brenda Drake will know these contests can get more chaotic than the trading floor at the NYSE. The chaos has gotten so bad that it has inspired a huge number…

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